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Ten Songs That Will Make You Smile

This is a list for a sunny drive home, a picnic in the park, a dip in the pool, or if you just need that extra boost to get you through a task. Here are ten songs that are guaranteed to make you smile- in no particular order.

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10. Take A Walk: Passion Pit

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I use this song to help me wake up in the morning. It's got a catchy chorus, an up beat rhythm, and an indie feeling which is always good. Perfect for long car rides.

9. All The Runaways: Brandon and Savanah

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This duo- found on America's Got Talent- performs a surprisingly cheerful song about a somewhat depressing topic. The harmony between the duo, as well as the beat, makes you both want to smile and dance. Perfect for a night on the town.

8. Mrs. Robinson: Simon and Garfunkel

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Known most for its role in The Graduate, this song brings smiles to all generations. Certainly the happiest song from this duo, there is something magical about the simple acoustic guitar, the light drums, and the harmony between these two. Perfect for quiet background music to sitting on the hammock or front porch.

7. Step Into My Office Baby: Belle and Sebastian

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This is a quiet kind of happiness. Nothing over the top, Belle and Sebastian sing a sweet love song that is a very underrated feel good song. Perfect for a drive home from a long day.

6. Suite Judy Blue Eyes: Crosby, Stills, and Nash

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One word: harmony. That is what makes this song one of the happiest I have ever heard. People complain about the length, but, for me, it keeps getting better and better every minute. Perfect for that sunny day at the park.

5. Us: Regina Spektor

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Spektor has a distinctively beautiful voice that can fill a room while connecting with each individual listener. Put that together with an upbeat rhythm and thoughtful lyrics, and Spektor writes a song that will make you smile. Perfect for doing any small task.

4. Hold On I'm Coming: Sam and Dave

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The horns at the start of the song may be the happiest intro to any song I have ever heard. This song gets stuck in your head, but in that good kind of way. Perfect for starting a run, or any activity for that matter.

3. If She Wants Me: Belle and Sebastian

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Belle and Sebastian get two spots on this list, but it is well deserved. Something about this song just has a magical effect on your day. I just feel better after I listen to this song, an experience that many listeners feel. Perfect for a needed cheer up.

2. Here Comes The Sun: The Beatles

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The greatest band of all time makes one of the happiest songs ever. The song has a joyous beat but a soft overtone to give listeners that true feeling of happiness. Perfect for any occasion on a sunny day.

1. Daydream Believer: The Monkees

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Remember when I said there was no order to this list? Well, I kind of lied. I don't think numbers 1-9 on this list are in order, but this is definitely the happiest song I have heard. The Monkees may not be a great band, but they sure knew how to make you smile. And, for this list, that is all that matters.

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