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    25 Weird And Wacky Things That Happen When You Go To A Barbie Collectors Convention

    Every year, nearly 1,000 hardcore Barbie collectors convene for their annual convention. Here's a peek into their world, from a confused and delighted outsider.

    1. You'll see a lot of pristine Barbies still in their boxes.

    2. Lots and lots of Barbies in boxes.

    3. And you might find yourself wistfully running your fingers along the plastic covers and asking one of the vendors, "Do you think they're sad they never got played with?"

    4. To which the vendor will reply, "No."

    5. You'll harbor some confusing sexual feelings about a Ken doll with a bangin' hipster beard.

    6. You'll get a rush from touching a rare vintage Barbie that costs more than a brand new Kia Rio.

    7. And after that, a $10,000 vintage Barbie will suddenly seem like a bargain.

    8. You'll drool over a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind doll wearing a dress made of sequins and vintage Italian lace.

    9. And wonder if an itty bitty Louis Vuitton bag is a knockoff.

    10. You'll realize that no matter the context, a box full of decapitated Barbie bodies is always creepy.

    11. You'll spend an inordinate amount of time pondering where Ken could wear this outfit, before settling on "medieval disco fetish party."

    12. This Dolly Parton doll will make you consider becoming a serious collector.

    13. You'll come face to face with a plethora of Barbie-sized wigs.

    14. And experience some pretty serious wardrobe envy.

    15. Not to mention furniture envy.

    16. You'll breathe a huge sigh of relief that this hairstyle is no longer trendy.

    17. You'll be blown away by the original Barbie art for sale.

    18. Seriously, look at this painting!

    19. You'll look at this "Montana" Barbie, think about the actual state of Montana, and fail to see the connection.

    20. You'll get a little choked up when you see the same Barbie travel case your mom kept on the dresser of her childhood bedroom.

    21. You'll realize you don't have nearly enough Barbie swag in your life.

    22. Especially when you see this girl's outfit.

    23. Three words: Barbie. Shoe. Earrings.

    24. You'll learn bits of trivia that might pay off in the future.

    25. You'll gaze in awe at pair after pair of matching Barbie shoes.