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    19 Times "Friends" Hit The Nail On The Head When It Came To Finals Week

    Stressed about finals? Same.

    1. When your professor says the final is cumulative:

    2. And when you find out your professor scheduled your exams back-to-back:

    3. But then you remember you've got a few days before finals begin to start studying:

    4. And the people in your class share a study guide with you:

    5. But then you realize those few days have gone by and finals are suddenly upon you:

    6. And you also remember that you haven't studied at all:

    7. So you begin to load up on caffeine to study as fast as possible:

    8. And you go into your first exam after pulling an all-nighter:

    9. The first exam is done and you're just happy you made it through. But then your friend says "Wasn't that easy?":

    10. And you go home to relax before you begin stressing over all your other exams:

    11. Then the stress hits you:

    12. And you start feeling like you can't make it through the week:

    13. But then your friends give you a great pep talk so you begin studying frantically:

    14. You're sitting in the exam room, and look at the first question, and realize you know nothing:

    15. But then you remember you're almost done with finals, so you just need to make it through the exam:

    16. Then you get your exam grades:

    17. Finally, your final grades come out, and you realize you've passed all your classes:

    18. So you become determined to succeed:

    19. But not until after you have celebrated surviving another finals week:

    Good luck with finals!

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