The 12 Faces Of Jim Halpert: (From ‘The Office’, They’re All Pretty Much The Same)

It seems like every time something goes wonky in the office, Jim has a face for it. Celebrate them with this list of the 12 Jims. Sponsored by OpenSesame, The world’s largest eLearning marketplace.

1. The “Young” Jim

2. The “Really?” Jim

3. The “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” Jim

4. The “I was right” Jim

5. The “Is this really happening right now?” Jim

6. The “Philosopher” Jim

7. The “Hopeful” Jim

8. The “Flirting” Jim

9. The “Ecstatic” Jim

10. The “I was right II” Jim

11. The “Are you seeing this?” Jim

12. The “LOL” Jim

Speaking of the office. Be sure to check out, OpenSesame (link below) for any and all your corporate eLearning needs. Dunder-Mifflin approved!

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*Bonus: The “Goodbye” Jim

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