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11 Reasons The Thriller "Wind River" Will Stay With You Long After The Credits

It's an action-packed thriller with a noir edge that's as eye-opening as it is eye-catching. Catch Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in Wind River — in theaters Aug. 4.

1. Deep in the wilderness of Wyoming lies the Native American reservation where our story takes place.

2. The cinematography does the natural splendor every bit of justice while manipulating it to be as serene or bleak as the story calls for.

3. In classic noir fashion, the film begins with a crime: a young Native American woman from the res found murdered.

4. An FBI agent named Jane is called in to investigate, but she quickly learns there are some things about Wind River an outsider must know in order to put together the pieces.

5. The man to help the law is game tracker Cory, whose hunting expertise and local savvy proves invaluable to Jane.

6. There's all the clues, hunches, and suspicious characters of a classic mystery...

7. ...but interwoven throughout is the story of life on a Native American reservation that's been all but forgotten.

8. The action isn't the only thing keeping your heart racing on this journey.

9. As the mystery unfolds, the brutality of man and nature is unearthed.

10. But in the pursuit of justice for a victim, the will to survive knows no bounds.

11. But you'll have everything — and everyone — against you.

Images courtesy of The Weinstein Company

What happens on the Wind River Reservation stays there...until now. Wind River hits theaters Aug. 4.

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