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19 Things You Completely Forgot About Your Dial-Up PC

*bee boo bip boo do boo bip, scrrrrrizzle, schhihihztzt, schruhuhrthskd* Thankfully, Windows 10 PCs have left dial-up far behind.

"Will 2002 be the year of broadband?"

A BBC headline from Monday, 14 January, 2002. Source.

1. Installing programs from floppy discs...

2. ...and zipping important files to store them on a floppy.

3. Taking a turn around the world with Encarta.

4. Buying software in huge colourful boxes that weighed less than they looked like they should weigh.

5. Deciding on a desktop theme.

6. Watching this media player visualization for literally hours on end.

7. And waiting for this screensaver to start.

8. Having a quick game of pinball.

9. Or playing Fury3 on furious mode.

10. And drawing a masterpiece on MS Paint.

11. Getting murderously annoyed with Clippy.

12. Playing with the ball inside your mouse.

13. Plugging your keyboard and mouse into these ports.

14. Before upgrading to these bad lads.

15. Sticking this treasured legal document in your desk for safe keeping.

16. Defragging.

17. Hunting for something in the cable drawer.

18. Going through this process every day of your life.

19. Last but not least, this sound:

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Windows 10 is here, which means you can spend more time doing and less time waiting to connect.

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