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12 Creative Ways To Interpret Job Descriptions

Don't take that job description too seriously. They're open to interpretation. Windows believes that you can work easy and play hard.

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1. Must be able to multitask.

2. Must demonstrate strong communication skills.

3. Must work well with others.

4. At least two years of experience in retail is preferred.

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5. Must possess strong project management skills.

6. Must have a Bachelor's degree.

7. Must be energetic and outgoing.

8. Ability to approach problems creatively and logically.


9. Must demonstrate a polished appearance and demeanor.

10. Must have strong time management and prioritization skills.

11. Must possess excellent organizational skills.

12. Must be proficient in programming in Java Script, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, ExtJS, Sencha, JSON, Xml, RESTful, C#, and the DOM and asynchronous event-programming model.

You're qualified! And honestly, you'll love the new Windows.