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10 People Who Truly Love Their Jobs

Ah, the dream. Doing what you love, and loving what you do. According to Windows, it's easy.

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1. The Professional LEGO Builder

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Meet Duncan Titmarsh of Farnham in Surrey. Always interested in toys, he's chased his childhood love of LEGOs straight into the realm of professional LEGO building — which is a thing. He's a Professional LEGO Builder.

2. The Cupcake Maker

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Meet Marlo Scott of New York City. She left her high-powered media job to follow her bliss to baked goods. She now owns and runs Sweet Revenge, a cosy spot in Manhattan where cupcakes are strategically paired with wine.

Meet Marie Wright of New Jersey, U.S.A. She's a lead flavourist at International Flavours & Fragrances. Flavourists are chemists that create both natural and artificial flavours. Most stick to either savory, sweet, or beverage — but not Marie Wright. Her expertise is all three. Born in a small village in England, Marie moved over to the U.S. to become the boss of all things tasty.

4. The Fashion Mogul

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Meet Josie Natori, originally from the Philippines. 36 years ago, she was happily working on Wall Street in Manhattan as the first female Vice President in Investment Banking. Today, she is a full-on fashion designer, having founded The Natori Company in 1977.

5. The Singing Sensation

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Meet Andrea Bocelli of Italy. Shortly after starting his career nearly 30 years ago as a lawyer, he thought he'd try his hand at singing professionally. Good choice.

6. The High-Flying Acrobat

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Meet Caroline Seeds of Billy Smart's Circus. She started her career in the circus as a dancer and quickly transitioned to trapeze artist, despite her fear of heights. She has since conquered her fear, clearly.

7. The Pop Star

Meet Bowie Jane of Melbourne, Australia. By day, she's a tight-laced barrister. By night, she's a well-known pop star. She's basically a grown-up Hannah Montana.

8. The Coral Reef Maintenance Man


Meet Ben Southall of the U.K. This lifetime adventurer won the job of a lifetime a few years back: maintaining the Great Barrier Reef for an entire six months. He beat out 35,000 applicants and holds the position of Ambassador of Queensland Tourism.

9. The American Novelist

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Meet George Saunders, originally from Chicago, Illinois. 18 years ago, he worked as a technical writer and geophysical engineer for an environmental engineering firm in Rochester, New York. Today, he is a New York Times bestselling author, combining technical writing and fiction in a truly unique way.

10. The Street Artist

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Meet Thierry Guetta of Paris, France. Known as Mr. Brainwash, he's at the forefront of the street-art scene, mingling with the likes of Banksy and Shepard Fairey. He started as an amateur videographer, following the first street artists around Paris. Lucky him!