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17 Sneaky Animals Who Prove The Best Things In Life Are Free​

It's like the ancient proverb goes, "If I can lift it, it is mine."

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1. This bear and her new big ol' mushroom:

2. This spooky ninja paw:

3. And this less spooky, less "ninja" paw:

4. This chicken who prefers her BBQ to be rare:

5. This octopus who redefines the term "mobile home":

6. This lil' pup who is absolutely in charge here:

7. This guy who has taught himself a new way to fish:

8. This bunny who has had enough of this bunny circus:

9. This gal who gets giddy for a good picnic:

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10. This dude who is using his height to his advantage:

11. This seagull who refuses to pay for his own crisps:

12. This dog who will not be shamed by that cone:

13. This swan who has been waiting for her bread crumbs for hours:

14. This hamster whose eyes are much larger than his tiny stomach:

15. This ostrich who will have her cup and eat it too:

16. This racoon who really insists that that cat share:

17. And this bear who has always wanted a Dumpster just like that one:

The best things in life are free, and the best version of Windows is Windows 10.

(Which is also free, so, double points.)