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Why You Could Have More Cavities

You might be going to a dentist, and you might be the person who takes care of their teeth religiously, such as flossing, using an oral rinse, and even brushing deep. However, you might be getting cavities too. You might notice that some people might not have it as bad, or they might have a totally different routine and they don’t get as many cavities as you do. Why might that be? Well, there are multiple reasons here, and they are simply as follows, which is something to keep in mind when you’re looking for the source.

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The first is diet. You might just be eating wrong. If you have a lot of sugary snacks and beverages, you might have a lot of issues when it comes to your tooth health. You should check this first, for it’s the first place to cut if you want to help keep your teeth strong. If it’s not cleaned immediately, the sugar will sit in between and around teeth, and that then becomes the fuel for many bacteria which will erode your tooth enamel. Many sugary foods, such as juices, sweets, some sodas, white breads, and other carbs can be the source of this. Simply put, any simple carbs will cause this. Start to replace these with crunchy veggies that are low in sugar, such as carrots and celery, and make sure that you do drink water frequently to wipe away any debris and sugars that might be there. It’s also good to brush your teeth after every meal so that nothing is left behind.

Oral bacteria is another culprit. This is simply bacteria that is naturally in people’s mouths that are actually more damaging. The destructive bacteria will break down the protective parts of the teeth, which causes the cavities. You should make sure that if this might be the case, you should fight this by brushing and flossing regularly, but also using an oral rinse that is specifically there to fight cavities and such.

Dry mouth is another source of this. If you’re feeling a dry mouth regularly, this could cause oral health issues. Salvia is there to combat cavities because it will get rid of any food particles, some sugars and bacteria, and other such things naturally. There could be personal reasons why you get dry mouth, or even medication, chemotherapy, treatment for this, and sickness. In order to combat this, make sure your rinse with an enamel-enhancing oral wash to help protect this, and also make sure that you drink more than your average water intake to make up for the lack of moisture. You should also talk to your dentist about this too.

Finally, a weird one that could happen is tooth shape. Teeth that have a very deep groove can be susceptible to this, since they do catch the food particles and the destructive bacteria way easier than the other teeth. Often, these are very difficult to clean regularly, and often, they are closer to the root, so you might end up having some erosion that yields destructive outcomes from this, simply because of how vulnerable it is. Decay is much more likely to cause the cavities that could be present if you have this. You should make sure that you’re vigilant on this, cleaning this at least twice a day to make sure that there aren’t any food particles that are left behind, and this can combat cavities.

In essence, cavities are never fun, and it’s best that you consult your Kennewick Washington dentist in order to ensure that you’re doing the right thing for your oral health. They can tell you about tooth shape, any possibilities of what might make you susceptible, and other such factors, giving you a chance to make sure that this is taken care of. Your tooth health matters, and it’s something that often many people never think about. these are more of the nitty-gritty problems that could be going on simply because you don’t know about it. knowing is certainly at least half the battle, and it’s something that you’ll definitely want to keep in mind before it’s too late to act.

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