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    Kitchen Backsplash, Help To The Rescue

    Looking to update your kitchen, or add your personal flair? Whether you're looking to introduce a splash of color or remodel the entire kitchen. Look no further, start with a small area that will make a Look no further, start with a small area that will make a big splash. Yes, you guessed it the backsplash.

    Backsplash refers to the material used to cover the space between the base of your kitchen cabinets and counter tops. While this is a small area it is an opportunity to make a huge impact.

    A dream kitchen is an affordable luxury that everyone can achieve. The answer to your dream maybe closer than you think. Options for a face lift that will give you a fresh look, at a fraction of the cost and time are within reach.

    While artistic appeal is important, the material of choice must be resistant to stains and allow for easy clean-up. Traditionally ceramic tile has been used because of its durability. Tile however presents a costly and major challenge when a fresh look is desired. New and innovative backsplash options “Faux Panels “provide homeowners endless options for artistic expression and ease of application. Consider these applications that don’t require a hammer and a chisel. A liquid nail product and a few finish nails will get the job done.

    A fresh coat of paint is one of the most economical options. Numerous paint options can be used to cover a variety of materials. While a solid color is one option, stencils, geometric shapes and accent decals can provide endless choices. Paint can be used to cover wood, glass and metal backsplash applications. Paint finishes ranging from high-gloss to a satin finish provide additional choices.

    Wooden panels are yet another option available to make your dream kitchen a reality. Faux panels are available in tongue and grove, and self-locking options making application a breeze. Your desired look and overall kitchen feel, will dictate your choice. While wood is an option remember a finish will be necessary for any absorbent material. Remember the function of the material of your choice should be easy to clean and stain resistant.

    If texture is your desired end, faux tin panels make an excellent choice for you. A small amount of tin incorporated in a kitchen design can provide aesthetic value for a small price. The use of these panels can hide a multitude of undesired issues that may arise when renovating. Use texture and repetitive designs in moderation, when working in such a small area.

    Faux beadboard panels are an option for those seeking a country look. This option lends itself to quick color change with just a coat of paint. Adding an easy clean stain or clear acrylic finish will enhance performance and ensure durability.

    If you’re seeking a sleek modern look, reflective glass, metals and smooth stones are a few materials that will deliver that feel. A mirrored backsplash may fit your taste. Mirrored tiles may be purchased in adhesive sheets for easier application.

    Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, faux panels may be just what you need to help make it happen. Give them a try, check out the many options available at your local home center.

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