18 Ways Having A Dog Will Change Your Life

    This is your brain. This is your brain on dog.

    1. Your sense of personal space will change.

    2. Things may get... awkward.

    3. Your dream of a spotless living space will be shattered.

    4. At times your heart may feel like it is going to burst from pure joy.

    5. You'll always have plans.

    6. Sorry, your grooming standards will need to be lowered.

    7. Your budget will change.

    8. FINALLY you don't have to be the center of attention.

    9. Sometimes you will think, "Why doggy, why?"

    10. You will stoop to new lows.

    11. You can try, but you'll never really understand their mysterious ways.

    12. You will view your neighborhood with new eyes.


    14. Your place in the social hierarchy will definitely slip.

    15. Forget about controlling your own schedule.

    16. The highs will be very high!

    17. And the lows will still suck, but maybe not quite as much.

    18. And every doggone day you'll be reminded of the awesome power of simple pleasures.

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