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    These Haiku About Grindr Hookups Are Extra Real

    "He's magic for sure. A room like a child's. I could play with him all day."

    If you've spent much time on Grindr you know that it can be an exhilarating, terrifying, soul-numbing, frustrating, and very rewarding experience.

    Instagram user @grindrhaiku vents about his experiences through the magic of poetry!

    The author told BuzzFeed that he started writing the compact poems very organically. "I realized that often my text messages to friends about Grindr hookups took on the form of poetry. These days it's important to convey your message (the size of a guy's penis, his awe-inspiring house, his weird teeth brushing habits) in a very descriptive way that is also short and to the point. A haiku."

    The succinct verses which are often accompanied by simple drawings highlight feelings and moments that many can relate to, like when hooking up with someone new is really fun and easy.

    Or when you discover something new and interesting about yourself, others, and the world.

    And the times when things get complicated.

    Some deal with how awkward hooking up can be.

    Others highlight the complex dynamics around sex and dating that can be especially problematic for gay men.

    The author's advice for how people can have a good experience on Grindr: "Try something new every now and then. Be open and free. Go on a date with someone who may not be your type. Push yourself to explore things you dislike about yourself. Push yourself to be better, gentler, and more positive:-)".

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