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    18 Signs That You Are Definitely A Sniffer

    It's time to admit that maybe, just maybe you are a big ol' sniffer! Does this sound like you?

    1. You've broken up with someone because, "they didn't smell right."

    2. You remember exactly what your favorite book from childhood smelled like.

    3. You avoid eating sandwiches with mayonnaise because you smell it on your hands for hours after, even if you wash them.

    4. Baby heads are like human catnip to you.

    5. You buy all your personal products based on their smell.

    6. Right after flossing your teeth you sniff your used floss.

    7. You spend long intimate moments sniffing your significant other's clothing when they're away.

    8. You sniff furniture before you sit on it.

    9. You smell your hat when you take it off your head.

    10. Nothing goes on your plate until you've sniffed it.

    11. You sniff your ear wax even though you know it doesn't really smell.

    12. You feel that flowers that don't smell are just "fancy leaves."

    13. You're sometimes plagued by phantom smells that you can't locate or identify but you KNOW are there.

    14. Nail polish and gasoline are completely intoxicating to you.

    15. You sniff your armpits multiple times a day.

    16. If you smell something bad you'll smell it again because...

    17. Being congested and thus unable to smell is THE WORST!

    18. You have an abiding hope that heaven is not on a cloud but on a big, fluffy towel right out of the dryer.