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    16 Dream Pets That Ruled The '80s

    Were you a kid in the '80s? Then chances are you spent some long hours daydreaming about having one of these sweet pets for your very own.

    1. His Royal Cuddliness, King Benji from Benji The Hunted.

    2. Harvey from E.T.

    3. The Black Stallion from The Black Stallion Returns.

    4. Swift Wind from She-Ra: Princess of Power.

    Every material girl knew the only thing better than a beautiful steed was a beautiful FLYING unicorn!

    5. Battle Cat from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

    6. Gizmo from Gremlins.

    He proved that great pets can come in small packages. Those cute ears! That cuddly fur! The adorable Mogwai noises! He was perfect, just make sure you followed all care instructions.

    7. Puckmaren from Flight of The Navigator.

    8. Fuzzball from Captain Eo.

    9. Fizgig from The Dark Crystal.

    And speaking of cuddly this critter had it in spades, but he also brought along some serious attitude. Get in my lunchbox now.

    10. Slimey from Sesame Street.

    11. The tauntaun from the Empire Strikes Back.

    Snow days would have been a breeze with one of these guys.

    12. Brandon from Punky Brewster.

    13. Barkley from Sesame Street.

    14. Abraham from Different Strokes.

    Abraham was the strong, silent type but he was also the listening ear that every kid needs.

    15. All of the pets from Beastmaster!

    And last but definitely not least...

    16. Falkor from The NeverEnding Story.

    With his love we could really GO FOR IT!

    So keep dreaming. Somewhere all your perfect fantasy pets await!