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16 Dream Pets That Ruled The '80s

Were you a kid in the '80s? Then chances are you spent some long hours daydreaming about having one of these sweet pets for your very own.

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1. His Royal Cuddliness, King Benji from Benji The Hunted.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Benji was warming hearts and solving crimes since the '70s, but he kept it going strong through the age of MTV and leg warmers! His movies Oh Heavenly Dog and Benji The Hunted, and the TV show Benji, Zax, and the Alien Prince made us mad for this super pooch.

4. Swift Wind from She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Every material girl knew the only thing better than a beautiful steed was a beautiful FLYING unicorn!

6. Gizmo from Gremlins.

He proved that great pets can come in small packages. Those cute ears! That cuddly fur! The adorable Mogwai noises! He was perfect, just make sure you followed all care instructions.

8. Fuzzball from Captain Eo.

Lucasfilm/ Walt Disney Imagineering / Via

When the King of Pop explored outer space he brought the perfect little pal. Smart like a monkey, cuddly like a pomeranian, and able to float like a butterfly. We had to have him!

10. Slimey from Sesame Street.

Children's Television Workshop / Via

Oscar had some real treasures hidden in that trash can of his. One of the cutest was this adorable guy. Who knew lumbricus terrestris could be so pet-able.

11. The tauntaun from the Empire Strikes Back.

Snow days would have been a breeze with one of these guys.

15. All of the pets from Beastmaster!

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Prince Dar was the luckiest prince-in-exile ever! He could talk to any animal and they always had his back. We were sooooo jealous.

And last but definitely not least...

16. Falkor from The NeverEnding Story.

Neue Constantin Film / Via

With the strength and flying abilities of other dragons plus a big scoop of snugglelumps on top, he was the ultimate '80s kids pet!

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