A Dozen Times The Kardashians Gave Important Life Lessons

The goddesses of E! providing words of wisdom. They are more than just pretty faces and wads of money.

1. When dealing with the hordes of haters.

Because being a train wreck is way too much fun to stop!

2. When you wake up and you just feel like it’s not your day.

Always have the confidence of Lord Disick.

3. Work on Friday.

Or Monday.

4. When you start to take yourself too seriously.

Because at the end of the day, who cares about how great your job is if you’re miserable!

5. When you’re on a diet but still drinking.

Nothing screams skinny bitch like a vodka tonic…

6. When you get bogged down by work and forget your friends.

So go socialize!

7. When someone tries to insult you down based on appearances alone.

My personality is great!

8. When you want to make a nasty passive aggressive comment about someone.

Keep it to yourself!!!

9. Discussing how someone you used to be close to is a terrible person now.

Don’t get tied down by his/her problems!

10. When you are just at a complete loss for words.

Just sip your wine in peace, and everyone will leave you alone.

11. When you’re having a good time and your one friend is being a complete Debbie.

Like, just go take a few more shots and then you can hang with me again.

12. When your parents ask you about jobs/relationships/your future in general.

So bottoms up and keep underachieving in your tiny apartment!

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this family?

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