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Willow Shields Stands Up To Trump

16-year-old Willow Shields has recently started to speak out against Donald Trump with a stunning and powerful photo series, titled "Women Warriors."

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Willow Shields is showing us that no matter how old you are, you can speak up for what you believe. This election affects EVERYONE, not just those eligible to vote. Women especially need to band together against Donald Trump. Feminism is just now being recognized, and the last thing we need is a president who will just come around and stomp it out. Stand up and speak out.

Willow Shields / Via Instagram

"What would the world be like if someone who said this, represents who we are? You and me.

And the quotes keep coming, check the news. #Trump2005 #womenwarriors

Self portrait on Hasselblad film

scratched negative."

Willow Shields / Via Instagram

"Guess what? This isn't political anymore. This is about right and wrong! Women Warriors unite, WE will Make America Great Again. HE should no longer be able to use this slogan (reprint the hats). God Bless America, great people deserve greatness! #trumptapes #womenwarriors

Self portrait on Hasselblad film."

Willow Shields / Via Instagram

"'Honestly, when I bought (Miss Universe), the bathing suits got smaller and the heels got higher and the ratings went up.' ........Wow, if he can do this for the Miss Universe Pageant, what do you think he would do for America?

Women deserve better

Self-portrait on Hasselblad film


Props to Willow for speaking up for girls all around the world. Us women are more than our bodies and deserve a leader who acknowledges this. Trump would only be devastating to our country and to feminism.

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