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    19 Devastating Middle Class Clifton Problems

    Life in Clifton can be hard.

    1. When your artistic Suspension Bridge photos are out-vibed by strangers on Instagram.

    2. When you bring the wrong labrador home from your trot on the Downs.

    3. And worse, when it gets really hectic up there and you can barely practice your sun salutations without windmilling into someone.

    4. When you need Cavolo Nero for tonight's kitchen sups, but Reg the Veg only has kale left.

    Warner Bros.


    5. When the only game you've got is hanging from your balcony.

    6. When someone you know asks you if you're pro RPZ.


    Good grief.

    7. When your friend asks you to meet them in Southville.

    I mean, really?

    8. When you're trying to give someone directions to your flat and you're like, "It's the white one with the little balcony and the colourful front door. Oh. Wait."

    9. When your friend reminds you that you could have ended up in Durham.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Imagine that.

    10. When you absolutely have to go down into town, but you can only find the keys to the gardener's car.

    11. When you realise you've missed this week's Quidditch match.

    12. When your girlfriend meets you at Hausbar at 2am and you're not ready to leave yet.

    Wiffles / Via

    13. When even dinner time turns into a fight.

    Overheard at Bristol / Via

    14. When you're trying to park your car and you lose any community spirit you previously had.

    15. When you just want a bunch of carnations to cheer up Nanny, and all you can find are beautifully whimsical floral boutiques

    16. When even the street art won't leave you alone.

    Such terrific pressure.

    17. When you find out you've been doing it wrong with gourds all along: They're for decoration, not eating.

    18. When the new waiter in Rosemarino asks whether you've been there for brunch before.

    19. And finally, when you're cheesed off with never having anywhere decent to go for sundowners.

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