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17 Quirks Bristolians Don't Realise Are Kind Of Weird

Where else can you navigate by graffiti alone?

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3. Opening our curtains to a hot air balloon on summer mornings.

Other cities have pigeons or seagulls to wake them up. We have hot air balloons and their big whooshy noises.

4. And every August, twice a day for nearly a week, the sky being full of them.

Flickr: jonbgem / Creative Commons

Almost every part of Bristol gets to see the beautiful balloon-filled sunrise and sunset flights during the International Balloon Fiesta


5. Some of our streets being filled with more campers, Transporters, and Bongos than actual cars.

We like vehicles we can sleep in.

7. Saying hello to horses.

All our police horses are named after areas in and around our city, so it's fun to be able to call them by name when they are out and about, which they are, a lot.


10. Going to clubs and bars that are not located on dry land.

Most Bristolians have been clubbing at the Thekla, which has been moored here for 35 years.

11. And having an unquenchable thirst for cider.

Despite craft beer, gin, and rum being all over the place, Bristolians love a bit of cider – or glider as it's called here. We even have a cider boat.

12. Having world-discovering boats just milling around everywhere.

Flickr: dgmckelvey / Creative Commons

From The Matthew which first discovered America, to the SS Great Britain, Brunel's iron-hulled masterpiece, and the steam tugs, tall ships and barges, Bristolians are spoilt when it comes to over-achieving boats


13. Black cabs being BLUE.

You'll struggle to get a black cab here.

14. Going to a carpark for a reason other than just parking your car.

People come from all over the world to Bedminster for the large scale street art which changes each summer as part of Upfest, the urban paint festival.

15. Naming something after Christmas despite it having nothing to do with Christmas.

Flickr: heatheronhertravels / Creative Commons

The Christmas Steps have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but they're pretty essential forgetting yourself in the mood for Christmas.

16. An extreme love of cosplay.

From all the hen and stag do's, to the pirate fan boys, and the Victorians – if you like dressing up, Bristol's the place to be.

17. Having the ability to party anywhere.

What looks like fly tipping to you looks like the start of a good night on Turbo Island to us. Bristolians enjoy a party wherever it happens.