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    17 People You'll Meet In Your First Year As A Parent

    Where were they all hiding BEFORE you were pregnant?

    1. The one who gets competitive about their birth story.

    "19 hours? Mine was 72. On the floor of a job centre. Midwife never showed up."

    2. The one who actually did have the worst birth story

    Wifflegif / Via

    3. The one who you loved the second you shared a smirk and a raised eyebrow at baby group.

    4. The one at NCT with the partner who makes jokes at all the wrong times.

    Bad Teacher

    "Labour? La-bore more like! BANTER"

    5. The one whose baby does everything first.

    6. The one you always use as an example when trying to persuade your partner about something.

    NBC/ The Office

    "You know Jane, with Rafferty-Alfred, right? She bought a bed nest and she says it's awesome"

    7. The one who gets wasted on the first night out without the babies.

    Sex and the City / Via

    And the one who gets wasted at the first group lunch with the babies.

    8. The one who's seen your boobs more than you have in the past weeks.

    9. The one you can text at 3am, because they're night-feeding as well

    10. The one who's first to go back to work.

    11. The one who gets pregnant again really quickly.


    12. The one who you see all the time but you can never remember their name.

    13. The one you talk to online but have never met.

    New Girl / FOX

    14. The one who shows you a tip or trick that changes your life!

    15. The one who actually buys that snot sucker gadget.

    16. The one you mute on Facebook and feel guilty about it.

    17. And the one who knows when you need someone to listen, and not judge.

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