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A Definitive Ranking Of The Avengers' Butts

Now that we have seen the Avengers assemble not once, but twice, it's time to ask that age-old question: Who has the best ass?

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8. Iron Man

No offense to Robert Downey Jr., whose performance as Iron Man is one of the most memorable things about the Marvel universe, but Iron Man's butt is essentially caged off from the viewing public. This caboose is cold, hard, and uninviting.

5. The Scarlet Witch

While the Scarlet Witch loses points for keeping her patootie hidden underneath a breezy skirt, she earns back points for the oh-so-short skirt's "come hither" nature. Now buy yourself a pair of pants, girl!

4. Hawkeye

Hawkeye comes in at #4 with the first true moneymaker on this list. Much like Jeremy Renner's career, what initially seems irrelevant is quite impressive when one takes a moment to consider it.

Was this ever even a question? Cap's boxing practice is THE definitive eye candy moment of the Marvel universe (Look at those cheeks get their workout in!). Better yet, his tush still looks great in uniform.

God bless the USA indeed.

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