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Lava Explosion Show In Guatemala.

We wanted to do something different that weekend, 4 of my good friends and me, so we went camping to a volcano, it is 1 hour ride from Guatemala City, we were hanging around, it was very cold so we were drinking some hot chocolate and eating smores. At 11 pm we heard a mini explosion. It was the volcano throwing some lava, we didn't care much because it is a very common thing to see in Guatemalan active volcanos. we went to sleep, and at 5 am a huge explosion woke us up, it was the volcano throwing a lot of lava and hot stones, we started to run our way down at 6 am maybe, when we started feeling the ashes, it usually takes 1 hour to go down but it only took us 20 minutes. We were running like crazy people. Come to Guatemala.

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