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    9 'Better Together' Ways To Eat Haggis.

    Quick, before they put an export tax on it.

    1. Haggis Scotch Egg.

    Nick Butcher / Via Flickr: nickbutcher

    Why go for plain pork when you could have minced sheep's belly?

    Recipe here

    2. Haggis pasties.

    Mike_fleming / Via Flickr: flem007_uk

    Who says only Cornwall can wrap delicious meat in buttery pastry?

    Recipe here

    3. Haggis crisps.

    Tim Walker / Via Flickr: timjoyfamily

    Thank Mackie's of Scotland for these babies.

    4. Neeps and tatties.

    5. Haggis pizza.

    6. Full Scottish Breakfast.

    7. Haggis nachos.

    8. Haggis toastie.

    9. Veggie haggis salad.

    Jessica Spengler / Via Flickr: wordridden

    We wouldn't want to leave our Veggie friends out of the Independence action - although salad does seem a little bit wrong.

    Recipe here

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