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Discovering Inheritance: Movies About Genealogy

As we know, many people heard this word back in science class as a student.

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Discovering Inheritance: Movies about Genealogy

According to Wikipedia, Genealogy is a study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history. People who want to be educated about genealogy through other forms of media aside from reading through the various biology textbooks that teachers give to their students for studying should consider watching these movies:

Children of the Inquisition – this movie entails about the history during the time of the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisition, through the eyes of the descendants whose bloodline traces back to those who had been captured and persecuted through the strict eyes of the people who wanted Christianity to last while coercing non-believers to be converted. Otherwise, the ancestors would be tortured in brutal ways and then executed as proof to see what would occur to those who refuse or even disobey the strict rules that needed to be reinforced. But also, the descendants may soon realize how their lives may be forever changed through that dark page of history.

Principal photography for the movie was finally finished after six years, reaching through four continents and the fundraising campaign is still ongoing in case someone wants to donate. You can also watch such more movies on gomoviesto.

Uncovering the Past

These two movie recommendations are great for people being interested in genealogy or simply looking for documentary films to pass the time, the ones not involving the usual genres that are the norm in most movies nowadays. Plus, they are educational, with tidbits of trivia being uncovered in those movies as well. After all, they can be considered a better alternative in case someone needs a break from the typical sceneries.

So there, better get the snacks and drinks, because this will be a field trip towards rediscovering who they really are and how the origins shape the present identity.

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