7 Stages Of Binge-Watching On Netflix

The Unfortunate Cycle of Binge Watching Grief

1. You found a new show that you cannot wait to watch and the excitement is overwhelming!

2. You have to post something to Facebook immediately to let everyone know your new found gold.

3. You Start to become emotionally connected with the characters…

4. and every time you see them in a new episode you get giddy and think they just came on to see you…

5. You will pause an episode to identify and google other actors within the show to see if they deserve to be apart of this gold.

6. You always act superior with friends when you hear they haven’t seen it.

7. Then all of a sudden you see this…

You had no warning, and now you are having a hard time accepting the facts.

But sometimes you may have just watched a show that was cancelled.. and that is sometimes even harder to deal with.

If you are lucky, then you will get another season soon.

And soon you will be back to your old self and going through this cycle again…

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