13 Ways To Know You Are Being The Best Gay Friend Possible

A quick checklist to make sure you are being the best gay friend possible.

1. You treat them like Beyonce, cause it’s how everyone should be treated

Kapuuuum / Via kapuuuum.tumblr.com

2. When they are in distress you get to their side as soon as possible.

3. You get excited about the same things, and it’s magical!

4. You know when to agree…

5. and when to steer them away from mistakes.

6. You try to keep them calm when they just can’t handle shit.

7. You also are always thinking the same thing as them..

8. You surprise them more than their boyfriend does

9. You make statements that are general, in hopes to compliment them indirectly and discreetly.

Cause they hate the direct compliment.

10. You are always down to dance your problems out

11. You act interested when it’s hard to…

12. and you give them tough love to make them better.

13. And if you say this and they cry…

they are your best friend, and they want you in their life no matter what.

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