11 Reasons Why Neil Patrick Harris Is Amazing

If you already already didn’t know here is a list of why NPH just makes everyone else seem obsolete.

So why do we love you NPH?

1. You are a master of ceremonies with class.

I mean, you don’t even get mad at the photo wobbler in the back…

2. You have a cult long before most of this other fame…

Dr. Horrible was the exact opposite. More like Dr. Great. AM I right? Self Five!

3. You make us go crazy when you perform…Especially Impromptu Halftime Shows…

4. People say you have a problem, but let’s be honest, there is no one else we would wanna see..

5. Awesome people love to hang with you and heckle you..

6. Not to over emphasize, but you have the coolest co-stars in everything you do..

Nathan Fillion and Sarah Silverman? I mean come on, you seriously think that is not enough?

7. You inspire everyone to self encourage themselves…

8. You are the definition of LEGEN…Wait for it..DARY

9. You have a fabulous second half who clearly loves you.

10. You get to vacation with Elton John…I mean he has oscar parties, so that is pretty cool.

11. And you can’t forget these guys…Your co-workers for one more season.

Keep hosting to give us more moments like these…


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