21 Scientific Facts About Cooking That'll Have You Looking At Your Food In A Completely Different Way

    Now I'm curious what real wasabi tastes like...

    Wood in your cheese, kitchen spices that give you hallucinations, internet-capable tubers?!

    1. If you bite into a Life Saver (the hard, minty fresh kind), a faint spark is occasionally emitted. This is because the sugar's rapidly-changed structure releases energy that mixes with the air's nitrogen, causing a small flash of light.

    A lifesaver briefly sparks as its struck

    2. Ever think that banana candy doesn't taste like actual bananas? Turns out, we just have less flavorful bananas than when the flavoring was first invented.

    3. Carrots were not originally orange, but white, pale yellow, and purple.

    4. Cellulose, which is commonly taken from wood, is an ingredient in shredded cheese.

    5. Rice Krispies make their signature snap, crackle, and pop sound because they are imploding.

    6. Ketchup was once branded as a catch-all medicine to cure issues like diarrhea.

    7. Large amounts of nutmeg could make you high.

    8. What do ranch dressing and coffee creamer have in common with sunscreen, paint, and plastic? Titanium dioxide.

    9. Almost all ears of corn have an even number of rows.

    A young kid explaining his love of corn

    10. You can turn peanut butter into a diamond with the right amount of heat and pressure.

    11. White chocolate isn't real chocolate. I'm not saying it's gross or anything, it just literally contains zero chocolate.

    12. Gummi Bears are coated in the same wax as cars.

    13. Farmed salmon is often deficient in the nutrient that turns their wild counterparts' flesh pink. So, salmon farmers dye their fish pink.

    14. Skittles contained insect-derived ingredients until 2009.

    15. Potatoes react to wi-fi signals almost exactly the same way as humans.

    16. Raw oysters are usually still alive.

    17. Strawberries aren't berries.

    18. Honey never goes bad.

    19. You have likely never eaten actual wasabi because it's $80 a pound. 95% of "wasabi" at stores and in restaurants is simply dried horseradish.

    20. Crackers can be worse for your teeth than candy.

    21. Chili peppers don't "burn" your mouth, they just trick your brain into thinking it's being burned.

    What are your favorite food facts? Let me know in the comments!