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    These 19 Movies Had To Be Changed When They Were Released In Different Countries

    From subtle changes to completely different endings.

    Whether it's cultural differences or reactions to an ending, movies can be re-edited for all sorts of reasons.

    1. In Toy Story 2, a stirring speech from Buzz was delivered in front of a globe rather than an American flag to be more inclusive.

    Buzz Lightyear in front of an American flag vs image of the globe

    2. Taco Bell was changed to Pizza Hut for the international release of Demolition Man.

    Two different versions of a scene from Demolition Man, one featuring Taco Bell and the other Pizza Hut

    3. The UK version of Pride and Prejudice gets rid of some kisses that were considered "blasphemous" to Jane Austen's source material.

    4. Some clever CGI was used to "clean up" Talladega Nights for its Iranian release.

    5. Broccoli was swapped out for green peppers in Inside Out's Japanese release because kids in Japan don't mind broccoli as much.

    Two different versions of a scene from Inside Out, one with broccoli and the other with green pepper

    6. Lincoln was given a new opening to contextualize some American history for international audiences.

    Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

    7. Steve Rogers' references were altered to be more country-specific in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

    Chris Evans writes down references in a book in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    8. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle was released as Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies internationally.

    9. Region-specific animals were chosen for minor characters in different cuts of Zootopia

    Two different versions of a scene from Zootopia, one with a moose and the other with a panda

    10. In The Shining, the huge stack of pages reading "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" were translated and re-typed into four different languages.

    11. The German terrorists in Die Hard were turned into Irish terrorist for the film's German release.

    12. The Wolf of Wall Street is a full 45 minutes shorter in the Dubai cut, but it's unclear who ordered the cuts.

    13. The character of Dr. Wu was given additional scenes for Iron Man 3's Chinese release.

    The character Dr Wu played by Wang Xueqi takes a sip from a drink in Iron Man 3

    14. Airplane! was called Flying High? in New Zealand.

    15. The entire third act of The Sound of Music (which included lots of Nazis) was removed for the German release, though this decision was reversed when the director found out.

    Christopher Plummer rips apart a Nazi flag in The Sound of Music

    16. A Streetcar Named Desire was edited for its Irish release to cut down on the sexuality.

    17. The original ending of Fatal Attraction was much different, but only ever released in Japan.

    Two different versions of Fatal Attraction's ending, one with Glenn Close and the other focusing on a framed family photo

    18. 13 Going on 30 was retitled to Suddenly 30 in Australia.

    19. An alternate ending of 28 Days Later was filmed and almost released to American audiences, but the director ultimately decided it was too bleak.

    Two different versions of 28 Days Later's ending, one with a man in a hospital and the other with a group of people getting rescued

    Which other movies have alternate versions? Let me know in the comments!