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    20 Disney Easter Eggs You Missed The First Time

    No, not the dirty ones.

    Disney has a lot of easter eggs. So many that you can find another list of completely different hidden secrets here. From Moana to Big Hero 6 and everything in between, these are the easter eggs I definitely didn't catch on first viewing.

    1. Aunt Cass (Big Hero 6) makes an appearance in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

    Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 in Ralph Breaks the Internet

    2. A piece of paper from the short Paperman appears in Wreck-It Ralph.

    Ralph at a bad guy support group in Wreck-It Ralph showing the exact same piece of paper with lipstick on it from the short Paperman

    3. Mochi wears a Stitch hat in Big Hero 6.

    Mochi wearing a Stitch hat in Big Hero 6

    4. A stuffed-animal Dumbo can be seen in Lilo's toy box.

    A plushie of Dumbo sitting in Lilo's toy box

    5. In Treasure Planet, young Jim Hawkins has a plushie of Stitch.

    As Jim Hawkins tells his mother goodnight, a doll of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch can be seen on the shelf

    6. Symbols for various princesses appear throughout Rapunzel's tower in Tangled.

    An apple painted on the staircase in Tangled, representing Snow White

    7. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are in the crowd in The Little Mermaid.

    8. A familiar crab stabs at Genie's finger in Aladdin.

    Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid grabbing the Genie's finger in Aladdin

    9. The King and Grand Duke from Cinderella are in The Little Mermaid.

    10. The magic carpet from Aladdin makes an appearance in The Princess and the Frog.

    11. Aladdin's lamp can be seen during Tamatoa's song "Shiny."

    12. The ingredients for Olaf from Frozen are shown in Moana.

    13. Baloo and Mowgli show up in Meet the Robinsons.

    14. Jock from Lady and the Tramp appears in The Lion King.

    The side profile of Jock from Lady and the Tramp can be seen in The Lion King

    15. This isn't the opening from The Lion King, it's Chicken Little.

    The opening scene of Chicken Little, which shows the sun rising over the horizon in the same way as in The Lion King

    16. In Brother Bear, a familiar clown fish from Finding Nemo flies through the air.

    17. A figure of Mulan's dog falls out of Professor Porter's pocket in Tarzan.

    18. Not only is Camilo's name referencing a chameleon, but also Camilo García, a Colombian tour guide who helped out during the production of Encanto.

    Camilo Madrigal's eyes looking in opposite directions in Encanto

    19. The painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" hangs in Beast's home.

    20. The faded text on the abandoned signs in Beauty and the Beast actually spell out California cities.

    What are your favorite Disney easter eggs, and which ones did I miss? Let me know in the comments!