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    These Are The 19 Reasons Why "Nope" Is Even Better With A Second Viewing

    "The film stands between primitive mystery and avant-garde stupor, where all its overwhelming strangeness resides." —Jordan Peele

    Nope was a divisive movie, but whatever your feelings on it are, I think it deserves a second viewing.

    1. Jordan Peele movies are always worth a rewatch.

    2. The cinematographer came up with a new way of shooting night scenes during the daytime.

    3. Consider the whole "watcher vs. watched" theme knowing cellphone addiction was on Jordan Peele's mind when he wrote it (during 2020's lockdown).

    4. Watch the third act knowing that "inflatable tube men" were initially invented as an art piece, then patented without the artist's permission and are now a shopping symbol.

    5. Rethink the ending knowing that Eadweard Muybridge, the man who took the first motion picture of a jockey riding a horse, pleaded insanity when on trial for murder and gave reasoning similar to Antlers's character.

    6. Rewatch it knowing that Gordy the chimp was played by Terry Notary, who also portrayed King Kong.

    7. Try to figure out who "the watchers" are in Nope.

    8. Try to spot references to other Peele movies.

    9. And other movie references/influences.

    10. The performances of the co-stars.

    11. The movie is less about plot and more symbolism.

    12. Try to piece together the tiny details.

    A shoe stands upright in Nope

    13. Rewatch it because the characters in this horror movie aren't stupid.

    14. Watch it knowing that, to Peele, comedy and horror come from the same place.

    15. Instead of settling on a "1:1 interpretation" of the movie, try rewatching it with a new theme in mind each time.

    16. Screw themes, just do it for Michael Wincott's (aka Antlers's) voice.

    Michael Wincott as Antlers in Nope

    17. Watch the intro to Gordy's Home before rewatching Nope.

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    It probably won't change much about your experience; it's just fun.

    18. Watch realizing that the background of the credits slowly fades from orange to black, like the flash of a bulb or film developing.

    19. Watch it without worrying about whether it's a good or a bad movie.

    But seriously, was Nope deep or dumb?