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    • williama8

      Oddly enough, no one ever seemed to care about depictions of torture on shows such as 24, Homeland, Sleeper Cell, or even Battlestar Galactica (Which I would say are FAR worse than those in ZDT).
      Oh right, those were only TV shows. Not real. Guess what, ZDT was “BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS”. Guess what, so is Wikipedia. “Based on” does NOT say “THIS HAPPENED AS YOU SEE IT.”

    • williama8

      Republic by New Order, and Songs of Faith and Devotion by Depeche Mode are very curiously missing from this list — and yet you included Candlebox andATribe Called Quest? Oh Buzzfeed…you’reafunny fish.  *I’d like to give an honorable mention to The Other Two & You, one of the greatest musical satires of the “Poptastic” nature of the music of the era.

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