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    How to prepare food for a camping trip?

    Camping not only emphasizes on bringing the essential gears during the journey but also highlights the importance of having sufficient food stocks. However, once the food stocks are exhausted, the only option left is to gather food from different sources of Nature and then cook them before having a lavish dinner in an open-air environment. Camp cooking is a unique experience which you must enjoy to the fullest extent with no doubt.

    Methods to cook food during the outdoor journey

    You and the rest of the travel members must stay calm when the food stock is slowly reducing in the middle of the trip. You must concentrate on collecting food from different natural sources that include hunting down birds and animals. At the same time, you should explore some of these cooking methods to enjoy a tasty dinner at the night hours. These mainly include the following points:

    Boiling Method:

    It is one of the safest processes of cooking in the middle of any camping journey. It will help you to enjoy the fresh slices of birds and animals without affecting the health at all. You just need to have a fire-resistant cup or bowl to pour adequate level of water before placing it over the rising flame of the campfire for boiling at around 30 minutes to eliminate the germs and to obtain the ideal temperature. Then you must add the raw flesh pieces into the boiled water of the cup for cooking within the prescribed period. Many experts usually recommend this method to have a safe and satisfactory camping meal.

    Metal/Flat Rock Method:

    It is a primitive survival method which many campers usually follow to cook food in the middle of the camping trip to stay alive through satiating hunger to the fullest extent. In this process, you just need to collect a large flat rock to place it over the layer of sticks and small pebbles before setting the fire. This large rock will transform into a hot cooking pan where you can easily fry food items like raw fish, meat, etc. before eating. In the absence of stones, you can also use large brick or a flat metal sheet to satiate the unbearable hunger quite quickly.

    Fire roasting technique:

    This cooking method is pretty simple where you just need to impale the flesh pieces over the sharp-end of a pole or stick before holding it over the rising fire flame. Just hold the rod with attached food over the fire within the prescribed period to derive the unbeatable subtle taste of the meal inside the mouth at the time of lunch and dinner respectively. It is your responsibility to see that the fire does not completely turn the food into ashes or else, you will have to spend the whole day in an empty stomach. For that, you can either supervise the entire roasting process or can entrust the responsibility to other group members.

    Rocket Stove Technique:

    In the absence of homemade food in the camping journey, you can utilize this open-air cooking method to satisfy your hunger without affecting the health. First, you need to collect a flat rock piece over which you need to form a block of bricks or cinder leaving one side open to insert the fire with ease. It will instantly result in the transfer of the heat to the upper portion of the chimney to cook the raw food to a sufficient extent to derive the pleasant taste without compromising the quality. Now doubt that the method is time-consuming but quite useful. Using this method, you can quickly prepare soup, stew, and other food items to provide a mesmerizing dining experience to your beloved for any camping trip.

    Ash cooking method:

    This method is quite ideal to cook simple bread and fish without wasting much time and energy in the middle of any camping trip. You just have to properly wrap the fish or meat piece into the leaves and then place it over the burning ashes of the wood to ensure fast cooking of the meal within 7-10 minutes of rolling the wrapped leaves over it. You must collect leaves with moisture which can easily prevent the spoiling of the food at the time of burning over the hot wood ash remains to impart a fresh and yummy taste into your mouth.


    These are some of the popular methods that you can apply to cook food in the middle of any camping expedition. There is no need to create an additional burden on your back through bringing all the artificial cooking accessories. You just have to bring a small cup, few metal plates, and water bottle only before utilizing any of these well known methods to cook food with ease.