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Yup, George Takei Wins The Internet Again

and his unstoppable army of Facebook fans grows by the second.

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As some of you may know, today marks the release of To Be Takei, a tell-all documentary chronicling George Takei's life, career, marriage, and many successes.

However, in lieu in posting promotional material for his film yesterday, he posted this photo: / Via George Takei

and proceeded to challenge his fans to name the contraption.

Hilarity Ensued.

Of course, once the puns got started, they went barreling out of control.

Not to mention a sly reference here and there...

Also, this woman, who got really excited about the whole idea

Others were even more upfront with their love for this breakfast machine of dreams:

Keep doing what you're doing, George. / Via Facebook User John O'Brien

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