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All Your Favorite TV Shows Use The Same Six Characters

You've been watching a lot more Friends than you think.

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The Six Student Clique

TV Tropes, a television, film, and media analysis and discussion website, has been forum for TV geeks everywhere to discuss the many common links, themes, tropes and clichés in their favorite programs for years. It's definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it, but for now let's just discuss the Six Student Clique.

Basically, if you have watched a TV show ever, you are probably familiar with the six student clique (whether or not they are actually students is irrelevant):

The Head

This guy is the main character, the one we should all relate to. He's funny, he's smart, but he often gets himself into trouble with his haplessness.

Common Traits: Street smart. Snarky team leader. Hopelessly in love with the Pretty One.

The Pretty One

Generally the female lead, the Pretty One often is featured as the main romantic option for the Head, which isn't to say they don't have drama and interesting lives on their own. You either had a crush on her or wanted to be her.

Common Traits: Pretty and popular (duh). Dates assholes. Either ditzy or klutzy.

The Muscle

The Muscle is the alpha-male friend of the main character. Often struggles with either people thinking he is dumb, or actually being dumb.

Common Traits: Ladies man (or at least thinks he is one). Quick to anger. Tough guy, but secretly sensitive and sweet.

The Smart One

The Smart One, while not necessarily less pretty than the pretty one, is around to whip the other characters into shape, worry, and generally be the voice of reason.

Common Traits: Type A. Snarky. Academically gifted but romantically troubled. Probably headed to the Ivy League.

The Quirk

The Quirk, aka the nerd, is often played for comic relief, especially in contrast to the Muscle. He is possibly smart and overachieving, but is definitely weird. You were probably laughing at him most of the time he was on screen.

Common Traits: Sarcastic. Bullied by others. Can't talk to girls.

The Wild One

The Wild One can be difficult to define, but the third female character often falls into this category. She adds drama and excitement to the other characters lives and often provides a contrast to the Smart One.

Common traits: Fashionista. Sordid past. Passionate about a cause. Loves sex.

I know what you're thinking.

Okay, this is just three shows. There's plenty of other shows out there. What about more modern television?

Who's YOUR favorite clique?

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