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The Ultimate Sailor Moon Fan Cast

Cash in now, Hollywood!!

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Since the Sailor Moon anime first aired in 1992, it has become a global staple of entertainment in the young female demographic. Twenty-two years later, Sailor Moon Crystal, a graphically updated remake, is making waves on both sides of the Pacific. Now, what if there were an American live-action update? I don't know about you, but I would pay good money to see that. Lots and lots of good money.

Here's who I (and according to recent box office numbers and Tumblr, America) would cast:

Sailor Mars - Arden Cho

Even in an American remake, it would make sense for an Asian actress to play the traditional shrine maiden role of Sailor Mars. Teen Wolf's Arden Cho has already played Japanese, complete with Katana, so she would be a fine choice.

Sailor Jupiter - Zoe Deutch

If you haven't seen Vampire Academy, you may not know the sassy perfection that is Zoe Deutsch. She's got the moves, the attitude, and most importantly, the perfect voice to say things like "One time, my exboyfriend..."

Malachite/Kunzite - Liam Hemsworth

The younger Hemsworth may seem like an odd choice for a villain, but I think he has the voice and the eyebrows to be a brilliant Malachite(English dub)/Kunzite. Plus, his brother looks great with long hair, so why wouldn't he?

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