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The DEFINITIVE Ranking Of Every Song On Taylor Swift's "1989"

I stay up too late. Got THE ENTIRE INCREDIBLE ALBUM in my brain.

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13. I Wish You Would

The fact that this is the worst song on the album really speaks to how good the album is. This is the only track on the album I just like, don't reeeally like.

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: Listening to Kelly Clarkson through headphones that are far away.

11. Out Of The Woods

This may be controversial, but I just wasn't that jazzed about this song. It's good, I like it, but it's not as exciting as Shake It Off or as reminiscent of her new synthy sound as Welcome To New York.

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: Womanizer, Anything Can Happen, other repetitive but catchy songs.

9. Welcome To New York

This is a perfect opener for the album. It introduces the overall concept and tone loudly and proudly and welcomes you into T-Swifts new ~PoPliFEstYLe~ in NYC.

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: songs about places, going out, bright lights, urbanity.

8. I Know Places

Idk what to say about this one. It's solid. Got a fun dark moodiness. It just doesn't measure up to the rest of 1989's gold.

EDIT: bumped it up because it's growing on me reeeeally hard

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: Rachel Platten, lots of vocal harmonies.

7. Style

Now we're really getting into the jams. Style is ranked lower because I had high expectations due to the name. I really like the chorus though, and it grows on me a little more after each listen. This is a good sing-in-your-car-while-thinking-wistfully-about-somebody song.

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: Classics, Movie Stars, Walking dramatically while putting on sunglasses.

6. All You Had To Do Was Stay

This track is just legitimately so fun. The name makes it sound like its gonna be a drag, but it's one of those break up anthems that like "I'm sad, but like, it's still kinda fun to be me!!!"

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: Singing in the shower, fist pumping, jumping up and down.

5. How You Get The Girl

This sugary goodness is the song in the new Diet Coke commercial, in case you were all wondering (you were). It's the most bubblegum fun times song on the album. It's was 22 was for Red. My favorite based on the iTunes previews.

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: Fun, love, candy, happy endings.

4. Wildest Dreams

This song was the biggest surprise for me. It's moody but uplifting in all the right ways. I'm imagining someone singing this in a long white dress on the beach before disappearing into the night. And that's a good thing.


3. Shake It Off

I didn't think anything on the album was gonna top this. It was the perfect "F*** you too" to the haters in the same way that Piece of Me was for Britney. But, dare I say, Shake It Off was more successful. And deservingly so. I have been listening to it on repeat for weeks and don't plan on stopping.

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: Flipping haters the bird and dancing with your friends obnoxiously.

2. Bad Blood

The first time I listened to this song, I subsequently listened to it 10 more times. It's an awesome, thumping, "yes I still hate you" anthem for anyone who's had a friendship go wrong. This song is bout to blow up. And I can't wait. I know all the words already. Bring it, Taylor, bring it.

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: Hollaback Girl, holding grudges, hating on Katy Perry, the phrase "stomping ground".

1. Blank Space

THIS SONG IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. It's poppy, it's catchy, it's moody, it's beautiful. It's 1989. It's Taylor Swift. And based on the radio so far, it's the next single.

LISTEN IF YOU LIKE: Lorde, pop music, an orgasming listening experience.

Special mention to New Romantics and Wonderland, some solid bonus tracks from the deluxe edition. Grab that shit at Target yo.


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