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    I Went To A Pokemon Go Meet-Up And It Was Totally Lit

    If I wasn't hooked already, this really Seel-ed the deal.

    Unless you are living under a rock or hate fun, you're probably playing Pokemon Go, the highly addicting location-based augmented reality game that has been sweeping the nation and forcing a generation of lazy millennials to actually go outside.

    The game is so popular now that Pokemon Go events are cropping up on Facebook faster than I can click "Interested."

    I've been completely addicted to the game, and a big part of the fun is meeting new people by wandering aimlessly around town with my phone in front of my face. So I thought it would be worth checking out.

    Let me tell you, it was something to behold.

    After parking a few blocks from the pier, the first thing I heard as I stepped out of my car was a group of teens yelling "GUYS! PIKACHU!" When I turned to look, a small crowd was already rushing across the street with their phones out.

    After nabbing Pikachu, I made my way to the pier. More experienced players may know that playing in an area where lots of people have the app open leads to more frequent and higher level Pokemon appearances, so I was excited to get started.

    Not even two minutes in, the very first Pokemon I encountered on the Santa Monica bike path (Zubats notwithstanding) was this big guy:

    That's right ladies and gents. Not just Omanyte. OmaSTAR!

    As I made my way closer to the pier, the first thing I noticed was the lures on lures on lures.

    Don't worry, I did my part and placed one near the entrance on my way out.

    Water Pokemon surfaced faster than I could even catch them! Staryu, Krabby, Seel, Goldeen, and of course...

    There were also several Electabuzz and Hitmonchan, and some other rarer 'mon.

    Taking occasional breaks to look up, I noticed that everywhere I turned, I saw people glued to their phones and furiously swiping Pokeballs and Great Balls.

    Not to mention it was a sea of Ash hats, blue vests, Pokeball backpacks, and other merch.

    Never one to miss out on a fad, the T-shirt stands on the pier cashed in on the craze.

    And whatever these things are too.

    The battle at this gym at the end of the pier raged all night long - there was a huge crowd gathered, and it switched between blue, red, and yellow more times than I could count.

    Of course, strolling around Santa Monica is always lovely, so there's that. But what makes ocean breeze, new friends, and fried food smell even better? Pokemon.

    Apologies for my blurry iPhone photography.

    Major bonus points to this fan couple, who were being super cute by the water.

    A warning to those who are interested: with so many people using the app in a small area, there are long loading times and funky errors like this one.

    Or maybe he was just using Dive.

    I couldn't get any friends to go with me, but I still had a great time and met some fellow Pokenerds. Here's one of many groups of trainers relaxing and catching Pokemon by the bike path.

    They were only minorly creeped out by this photo.

    Here are some more photos and several choice quotes I heard while walking around the pier hunting for Horsea.

    "Kat, stop walking RIGHT NOW. There's a Staryu on your leg."

    "Michael, I choose you, man." "Dude, I choose YOU."

    "There's that one scene in the movie where Zapdos and Moltres team up against Articuno. So like, there's a history there."

    "My boyfriend wanted me to join Valor, and I was like, boo, I got to level 5 days ago and you know I'm all about Articuno."

    "I heard when they introduce trading you're only gonna be able to trade within your team."

    "Aw, that sucks" - someone on Team Instinct, probably.

    TLDR: Go to a Pokemon Go event, because you'll catch lots of Pokemon, meet some cool people, and have an awesome time.