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    82 Thoughts I Had Watching The O.C. Pilot Again

    The crop tops guys. The crop tops.

    As you all may know, The OC is on Hulu now. It's been years since I've watched, so I thought, why not relive everyone's tween obsession as an adult?

    (OK so maybe I watched the whole thing when I was 18 whatever it's fine)

    Alright. Pushing play...

    FOX / Via

    1. Already confused. Where are we…?

    2. Omg Ryan's brother, totally forgot about this scene.

    3. Funny how the opening scene is one of the few in the whole series that's -not- in the OC.

    4. Ryan already wearing a trademark wife beater. Drink!

    5. Surprise, they got caught with the stolen car.


    7. Idk how i forgot so much of the set up for this show? Maybe cause it's not important at the end of the day.

    8. Ryan hasn't actually had a full line yet and we're over the two minute mark...

    9. He has scoffed a couple of times though.

    10. How would Sandy get his SAT I scores? That's not public record

    11. Omg his first line is weird as fuck

    12. Verbatim: "Modern medicine is advancing to the point where the average human life span will be 100. But I read this article which read that social security is supposed to run out by 2025. Which means that people will have to stay at their jobs until they're… 80. So I don't wanna commit to anything too soon."

    13. This is who I crushed on as a teen??? SMH, past self.

    14. He's hot never mind it's fine.

    15. Also: that quote an answer to Sandy's question about college

    16. Also: false alarm, it's a V-neck. I got too excited.

    FOX / Via

    17. Ok this brief Chino home life scene is actually so dark and sad. Damn, Fox.

    18. OMG THE THEME SONG. Crying.


    20. OK don't bother calling your "friends" ryan we all know where you're going

    21. Now that I live in LA, these Chino scenes feel so much more real.

    22. But thank god - to the beach!

    23. First nonspecific ocean-related fun montage. Drink!

    FOX / Via

    24. If my husband brought a random boy home from juvi I'd be like "mmm shelter's over on 5th" but maybe I'm terrible and that's why I'm not on TV

    25. Tell him Kirsten, f yeah

    26. She always looks so tired

    27. Cigarette break, I feel you Ry.

    28. Oh my god is this….

    29. IT IS

    30. Was really hoping Marissa's first line would be "hey."

    31. It's "who are you?" followed by "ok"

    32. don't worry: the third line is "hey, can I bum a cigarette?"

    33. This is the most smooth Ryan ever is throughout the series, what happened bro?

    FOX / Via

    34. "Hey" number two. Drink!

    35. Awww Luke. I see through that tough guy act already.

    36. Wifebeater number two. Drink!

    37. All the characters say "hey" all the time it turns out.

    38. INSTANT BROS omg video games is the only way to acheive male bonding. At least for nerds like me.

    39. A big ol "yasss" for the rainbow sail on Summer Breeze

    40. I appreciate that Ben McKenzie is hot, but pasty as fuck. Vampires represent.

    41. Seth obviously you're all going to Marissa's fashion show. When will TV characters learn they HAVE to go to the main social events every week?? Where else can the plot develop?

    42. I'm not sure if Marissa's 3/4 sleeve crop top and capri combo feels more dated than it should or less dated than it should.

    43. Ryan is really rolling with this whole OC lifestyle. Looking pretty comfy in that suit, eh bub?

    44. STOP.

    45. Marissa's dress. WHAT.

    FOX / Via Hulu

    Please excuse this poor quality screenshot.

    46. Kirsten still looks so exhausted

    47. SUMMER's here! Aw the whole gang.

    48. Adam Brody is holding this show up honestly, acting-wise.

    49. Yasss queen Marissa, fashion show time.

    50. "It's such a good cause you guys!" there's something very Clueless about this scene

    51. Oooofff this make up.

    FOX / Via Hulu

    Not her best look. But sadly not her worst.

    52. Awww poor Seth :( you're the duff. Ryan would never touch ya girl though, don't worry.

    53. Ryan is already such a good friend. Even told Seth Summer asked about him.

    54. I have always wanted a yellow jeep wrangler and I had forgotten where it came from.

    55. It was clearly from this exact moment.

    56. Fuck yeah, dope high school party. This is one of those high school experiences that I only got to experience through television.

    57. Marissa's latent alcoholism. Drink!

    58. Even the adults say "hey" all the time

    59. Jimmy: "You ever think this would be our lives?" this is one of the realest pilots i've ever seen.

    60. "Hey" number... I lost count. Finish your drink.

    61. Lolling at the girls talking on cell phones in the corner. The Facebook of 2003?

    62. "Chino? Ew!" Best line of the pilot.

    63. This is really making me want to be an out of place teen at a rich school in orange county, wistfully hating life but finding love where I least expect it.

    64. OMG omg omg the fight scene.

    65. Here it comes here it comes.

    66. Yeeeahhhh welcome to the OC bitch!!111

    FOX / Via Giphy

    Can’t wait to relive this on every single “previously on” for the rest of the season.


    68. Wife beater. But I should really stop drinking every time I see one.

    69. Classic Marissa, passed out.

    70. Noooo Ryan don't go over there

    71. Someone's gonna see you and assume the wrong thing!

    72. Wait no ok that didn't happen. Phew. He heroically carried her to the pool house.

    73. C'mon Kirsten… it's Seth's first friend!

    74. The greatest romance of this show is between Seth and Ryan. Fight me.

    75. Partially because a large portion of Ryan and Marissa's relationship is them saying "hey" and then having to say goodbye. Sucks.

    76. Back to Chino we go.

    77. I know this is a teen soap type of show and everything, but can you imagine if you went home and all your shit was gone?

    78. Like, it's easy to forget that ryan had a whole life before the oc. That identity is just gone, out of nowhere. That's pretty gut wrenching if you think about it.

    79. Yes sandy take him back!!!!! TAKE ME BACK!

    80. Oh that's the end I guess?

    81. Just one more before bed...

    82. Welp, I'm back in it now. Here's to the next week of binging!

    FOX / Via BuzzFeed
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