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21 Reasons "Harry Potter" Has The Most Dedicated Fandom Ever

Tumblr is basically Hogwarts, you guys.

1. HP Fans will entertain every possible "what if" within the Harry Potter universe. In fact, they probably already have.

2. They understand the importance of social hierarchy.

3. HP-inspired abstract art is a thing that exists.

4. They will pretty much inject Harry Potter wherever and whenever they can.


which is all the time.

5. Because they know Harry Potter is the cultural cornerstone it deserves to be.

6. They are very passionate about their love...


...and hate.

7. They never let the story end.

8. They are critical thinkers and analysts of human behavior.

9. And they enjoy exploring even the smallest details of that world.

10. HP fans are musicians...

11. ...writers and artists...

12. ...crafters...

13. ...and most importantly, big dreamers.

14. Harry Potter is a part of everyday life now, and those who accept that will flourish.

15. If you look hard enough, Hogwarts is pretty much everywhere you turn.

16. There is no situation in which a Potter reference is not appropriate.

17. And true fans know there is no faster way to make friends than with Harry Potter jokes.

(If you're confused, look at the urls)

18. They cannot and will not accept the fact that the actors aren't the characters.

Because seriously, they are. They are the characters in every way. DON'T TELL ME OTHERWISE I WON'T BELIEVE IT.

19. Every Harry Potter fan knows that with youth and passion comes greatness.

20. So get out there and express your love of all things Harry Potter!

21. And for the love of Dumbledore, someone make this hat a reality:

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