15 Awesome Animals That Really Should Be Pokemon

Seriously, why isn’t there a dolphin Pokemon???

With the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the number of Pokemon totals over 700 different species. Many argue that some of the new ‘mons have been remarkably similar to older Pokemon (how many butterfly and bat Pokemon do you think you can slip by us, Nintendo?). There are plenty more inspirational creatures in the animal kingdom that would be great models for the next generation.

Here are some dynamic animals from the real world that have yet to be made into collectable dueling monsters:

1. Bongo

Can’t you just see it? “Bongrass, use Mean Look! Now, Tackle!”

2. Peacock

The possibilities are endless with this one.

3. Dolphin

Honestly, how doesn’t this exist.

4. Iguana

Sure, there’s plenty of lizard Pokemon. There’s even a chameleon Pokemon. But is there an IGUANA?!

5. Lemur

So adorable! Perfect for a Cute Contest!

6. Sea Anemone

I know there is an excess of Water Types but come on…

7. Tiger

A staple of the animal kingdom.

8. Platypus

No explanation needed.

9. Wombat

I know, let’s call it “Woobat!”

Wait, shit.

10. Hummingbird

Innocent, yet beguiling.

11. Glaucus Atlanticus

AKA “The Blue Dragon” is a rare type of Sea Slug. Would make a very interesting legendary…

12. Raven

Because they are different from crows.

13. Narwhal

It would be like Dewgong, but more epic.

And finally, the most legendary and rare of all…

What type of Pokemon would you like to see in the next game?

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