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11 Movies That Came Out In 2022 To Watch In The 11 Nights Leading Up To Halloween, Starting Tonight

I challenge you to finish this marathon of the year's spookiest films.

Listen up, because we don't have a lot of time.

All Hallow's Eve is upon us in 10 short days, and I think we're all thinking: "Wasn't it September yesterday?? This year is flying by and I haven't done nearly enough spooky activities!"

But fear not. I have curated the perfect list of this year's best on-theme film releases to watch for the ultimate movie marathon/countdown to Halloween to make sure you make the most of the greatest time of year.

And if my word isn't enough to convince you to watch, I included a tweet about each film that might!

1. Tonight (10/21): Barbarian

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20th Century Studios / Via

Let's start with a bang at the theater, shall we? A girl's short stay at a rental house in Detroit gets derailed by something sinister going on in the basement. Side note: Why do they always go into the basement?!

the most fucked up thing about Barbarian is that i would probably still leave that airbnb a nice review cause i didn't want to be rude.

David Ehrlich on Twitter / Via Twitter: @davidehrlich

2. Tomorrow (10/22): Hocus Pocus 2

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Walt Disney Studios / Via

Let's have a quick palate cleanser with something more lighthearted. Disney's long-awaited sequel to Hocus Pocus will ease you right into the Halloween spirit without getting too spooked. It's worth it for the young Sanderson Sisters alone. Watch it on Disney+.

On a much lighter note, I watched Hocus Pocus 2 with the gc last night and really enjoyed it. Did not expect it to make me cry at the end. The child actresses at the beginning absolutely nailed all the little gestures and overall behaviour of the adult Sandersons 👍👍👍

@Khanlusa on Twitter / Via Twitter: @Khanlusa

3. Sunday (10/23): Prey

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Hulu, 20th Century Studios / Via

Okay, back to the scary sh*t. Prey stars Native American actress Amber Midthunder as a powerful Comanche warrior, set hundreds of years before the other Predator films. Watch it on Hulu.

10/15) PREY. I’ve simply gotta give my pal Dan Trachtenberg a robust round of applause for resuscitating the Predator franchise and restoring the chills and thrills of the original. Amber Midthunder is terrific as the young Comanche warrior who faces off against the alien hunter.

John Gallagher, Jr. on Twitter / Via Twitter: @JohnGallagherJr

4. Monday (10/24): Bodies Bodies Bodies

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A24 / Via

A24 is really hitting it out of the park this year in the horror/slasher category, and none made a bigger splash (slash?) than Bodies Bodies Bodies. Highlights include Rachel Sennott, Borat 2 breakout Maria Bakalova, and Charli XCX's banger promotional single "Hot Girl." It's not streaming yet, but you can rent it on Prime Video.

Dreams come true!!!

Rachel Sennott on Twitter, NBC / Contributor / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Rachel_Sennott

5. Tuesday (10/25): The Black Phone

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Blumhouse Productions, Universal Pictures / Via

Ethan Hawke's peformance will haunt your nightmares tonight as a serial child abductor whose victims find a mysterious phone that communicates with his other victims, based on a short story by Joe Hill. Happy Tuesday! Watch it on Peacock.

Rewatching THE BLACK PHONE and still in awe of Madeline McGraw’s commitment in THAT scene. What a remarkable talent.

BJ Colangelo on Twitter / Via Twitter: @bjcolangelo

6. Wednesday (10/26): Fall

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Lionsgate / Via

You're halfway through the week! You probably need a pick-me-up, and nothing will get your heart racing and blood pumping like Fall. This film, produced in association with BuzzFeed Studios, follows two climbers who are stranded on top of a 2,000-foot tower in the middle of the desert, and the heights and stunts are DIZZYING. Rent it!

FALL (Amazon Prime, maybe others): Tight, terrific, and very, very scary. Reminded me a bit of DUEL. Wish I'd written it.

Stephen King on Twitter / Via Twitter: @StephenKing

7. Thursday (10/27): Orphan: First Kill

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Paramount Pictures / Via

If you haven't heard much about this prequel, I know what you're thinking: That creepy movie about an adult woman posing as a murderous child got a prequel? But this adaptation knew what it was doing and leaned into the campy absurdity of its premise with its whole chest, to a wholly satisfying result. Watch it on Paramount+.


Jordan Crucciola on Twitter / Via Twitter: @JorCru

8. Friday (10/28): Nope

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Universal Pictures / Via

Jordan Peele does it again in this mind-bendy alien neo-Western. Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun both give top-tier performances, along with viral newcomer Brandon Perea. It's only available to buy right now (coming soon to Peacock), but hey, it's Friday night, treat yourself! 

I just watched NOPE. I loved it. it’s about how certain clouds can have a worse vibe

Raina on Twitter / Via Twitter: @quakerraina

9. Saturday (10/29): Fresh

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Disney+, Searchlight Pictures / Via

Saturday night is date night! Just kidding. Dating has never been scarier than in Fresh, which stars critical darlings and fan favorites Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones. Watch it on Hulu.

Sebastian Stan in Fresh made me think that if there ever was an American Psycho remake, I do not see a reason why he shouldn’t be in the running to play Patrick Bateman.

Ch-Ch-Christian on Twitter, Hulu, © Searchlight Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @CDiddy404

10. Sunday (10/30): Pearl

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A24, / Via

Back to the theaters! Mia Goth stars in this X prequel about a small-town girl whose dreams of fame lead to violent ends, another major win for A24, who gambled on greenlighting the production of Pearl and X back-to-back.

pearl has already become one of my favorite horrors and mia goth thinks maXXXine will be the best of the trilogy, i'm not ready.

@MACMILLR on Twitter / Via Twitter: @MACMlLLR

11. Monday (10/31): X

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A24 / Via

Now that you've seen Pearl, you're ready for one of the year's best horror films to celebrate the holiday. Set 60 years after the events of Pearl, Mia Goth does double duty as the elderly Pearl and aspiring porn star Maxine Minx. Watch it on Hulu with Showtime.

Ti West’s X starring Jenna Ortega, Mia Goth, Kid Cudi and Brittany Snow debuts with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.

@FilmUpdates on Twitter, Rotten Tomatoes, A24 / Via Twitter: @FilmUpdates

Happy Halloween! Comment your favorite spooky 2022 release if I missed it, because now I need my own Halloween watchlist.