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Jon Bellion- Top 10 Songs

Top 10 Jon Bellion songs, From "The Separation", "The Definition", and "The Human Condition".

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10. Hand of God (Outro)

Hand of God combines the melodical and catchy lyrics from "The Human Condition" into one lyrical masterpiece that closes out "The Human Condition". Using his vocal talents at their best, he created one of He best songs on the album, especially with the inclusion of a chorus, and the talents of Travis Mendes.

9. Luxury

The song with an instrumental chorus. Bellion creates one of his most memorable songs, with the late feature of melodic Audra Mae, Bellion uses trumpets at their best and uses a spoken word hook as his version of a chorus. Overall a wonderful and unique record, that was too good to leave off this list.

8. Morning in America

With a look into Bellion's life as a child growing up in the Suburbs of NYC, we see how his childhood shaped his music. With a catchy and somewhat morbid chorus, which discusses adultery and prescription drug addiction, he catches the audiences attention, and creates yet another killer song from 'The Human Condition"

7. Munny Right

The debut song off of "The Definition", Munny Right is a song with a catchy hook, and a piano melody that draws the listener in from the get-go. The feature of Marlon Hayes brings the record together and added another new dimension to Bellion's music. With yet more unique and sing-able lyrics, Bellion crushed this one, and brought listeners into "The Definition".

6. Maybe IDK

The song off of the killer album "The Human Condition" asks many questions that Bellion wonders of himself. A ballad comparative to the rest of the album, Bellion gives the listener an easy song to jam too, creating one of the best songs on the album in the process.

5. New York Soul, pt. II

The fourth song off of "The Human Condition", Bellion reprises his love for New York, and writes a dynamic and upbeat rap, that captivates the listener. As he raps alone, the chorus by Alec Benjamin is sing-able and melodical, and really brings the record together.

4. Guillotine ft. Travis Mendes

Guillotine is a twisted and romantic piece, with a slow moving beat, and a melodical performance from Bellion. With the inclusion of the string instruments and the vocal talents of Travis Mendes, this song ties the album together, and leads perfectly into the aforementioned "Hand of God".

3. Jim Morrison

Bellion's self proclaimed "flex" record, for when he "feels what he is doing is cool" is one of his best. With the inclusion of a small spoken word part, this song has many dimensions, which are dissected in the "Making of Jim Morrison" video on YouTube. This record shows the Musial creativity of Bellion, and showcases some of his best lyricism and one of his best beats.

2. Human

Bellion captures the struggles of simple being human. From going to church, to drinking and not being able to interact with his family. With a slow yet upbeat percussion section, Bellion once again captures the listener with a chorus that is easy to enjoy. This song is utterly relatable, and Bellion captures almost every emotion in the short three minute and twenty-five second song.

1. All Time Low

Bellion's Platinum single, is his best song. He comes out strong on this single and feature song on "The Human Condition". Bellion relays the feelings of many as he recounts the one who got away, and how he still misses and wants her. Of course, everything isn't a Pixar movie, and Bellion shows this with a deep swinging beat and melodical vocals, combined with catchy and sing-able lyrics.

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