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10 Tips For Black Students Entering Predominately White Universities

The movie Dear White People shares the experience of Black students in a predominately White educational setting. Here are 10 tips for students of color to have their best college experience. To view student commentary on this topic, go to

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1. Have a diverse group of friends for support.

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2. Outperform your peers to defy expectations.

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3. Don't let derogatory comments about the Black community go unchecked.

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4. Push back against uncomfortable conversations about racism, power, white privilege, and oppression.

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5. A shared color does not equal a shared experience.

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6. Connect with other students of color.

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7. Seek out Black clubs and organizations.

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8. Find a mentor.

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9. Never conform to something you don't believe in.

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10. Remember why you're here and who you're here for.

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Columbia Diaries: A Black Student's Survival Guide

View this video on YouTube

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Columbia Diaries shares the experiences of Black/African American students entering a predominantly White university. Narrated by Christina Wilkerson, a 2014 Columbia alumna, this “Survival Guide” offers a series of insights and suggestions from Black students to Black students.

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