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16 Awkward AF Moments You've Had Thanks To Modern Technology

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1. Not setting Spotify to private, and everyone seeing what embarrassing music you listen to in private.

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You keep going on about how much you love Blonde, but now everyone can see that you listen to A1’s cover of ‘Take On Me’ on a regular basis (but seriously, it’s a banger).

2. When just two your friends are meeting up, but they still spam the whole group chat planning every little detail of where they are going to meet.

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Friend 1: Meet you at 6:30?

Friend 2: Cool.

Friend 2: Actually got a late meeting.

Friend 2: 7?

Friend 1: Cool cool.

Friend 1: Can do later?

Friend 2: Nah, it’s cool.

You: Guys? Could you maybe just speak to each other directly about this? We don't all need to hear your plans lol.

Friend 2: Just at the station ok?

Friend 1: Yeah.

Friend 2: Wait, just checked. The trains are down.

Friend 2: So...

You: Guys!?

Friend 1: How about at the top of the main road?

Friend 2: You mean by the pub?

You: GUYS!?!?

Friend 1: No.

Friend 2: The other end.

Friend 2: Across the road from Nandos?

You: *destroys phone*

4. When your parents try to use emojis.

“@tmiguess: love my dad but this is why parents shouldn't text or use emojis ” 😂😂😂

5. Seriously, old people just shouldn't be allowed to use emojis.

Instagram: @collinpcolburn / Via Instagram

12. When you don't know if they use WhatsApp or not.

Nickelodeon / Via

So you got their number, which is great, and you want to message them, but no one uses text anymore, right? And they show up in WhatsApp, and you want to WhatsApp them because that's much more chilled than text, but then you think maybe they have WhatsApp on their phone, but the don't actually use it, because maybe their friend told them to download it but they never really started using it and still just use text, but you WhatsApps them anyway, and they don't reply, and you don't know if they are just ignoring you, or if they never actually got it because they don't check WhatsApp, and you think maybe you should text them as well, because then they'll definitely get it, but you might look like a crazy person... *SO MUCH STRESS*

16. It's like a virtual group hug.

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And if you're looking to use the wonderful gift of modern technology to make new friends, and do some fun things locally, download The Friend Zone app.

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