The Absolute Best SNL Valentine’s Day Skits

From the Love Toilet to Sexy Cakes, which one is your favorite?

1. Jimmy Fallon’s Valentine’s Day Songs

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Who doesn’t want to be woo’d by a young Jimmy Fallon?

2. Love Toilet

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For the couple that can’t be too intimate.

3. Stefon on Valentines Day

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Watching Bill Hader lose it as he talks about the must-go club for lovers “built on a dare by 90-year-old club promoter Fooji Howser, M.D.” is pure comedy gold.

4. Valentine’s Day Commercial

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Nothing says love like CVS.

5. Ike Turner: Valentine’s Day

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Ike is back with a fiery Valentine’s Day message.

6. Luvahs

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Roger and Virginia reminisce with a past lover.

7. Daily Affirmations: Valentine’s Day

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Before Al Franken was Senator Al Franken he was still working for the public good and making sure you know that you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and gosh darn it people like you - even on Valentine’s Day.

8. Sexy Cakes

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Patrick Stewart bakes some very… interesting sexy cakes.

9. Adam Sandler’s Valentine’s Day Song

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Every holiday needs an Adam Sandler song.

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