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Top 9 Most Badass Ways To Quit A Job

We've all had the fantasy: Quitting in the most spectacular, unforgettable way possible. Happily, there are people our there who've lived out this dream. And these are their stories.

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  • 1. Via The Emergency Slide

    Via The Emergency Slide

    Steve Slater became an instant folk-hero when he quit his job as a JetBlue flight attendent by grabbing a beer and jumping down the emergency slide. Sure, the classy move ended up having to agree to a plea deal and repay the company $10,000, but still.

  • 2. Via Cake

    Via Cake

    Nothing says "I'm dunzo" like a resignation cake.

  • 3. Via A Video Game

    Via A Video Game

    Making a fun, interactive game also really gets the message across that you were highly motivated to quit. Play here.

  • 4. Via Taking Off Your Shirt

    You've really got to believe in yourself to make this move work.

  • 5. Via A Pop-Up Alert

    Via A Pop-Up Alert

    Kind of says it all.

  • 6. Via A Lipdub (Sort Of)

    You have to wonder where this guy is now.

  • 7. Via Taking Off All Your Clothes (SFW)

    Feel free to skip ahead to get to the weird stuff.

  • 8. Via An On-Air Rant

    A classic of the "I'm mad as hell and I'm just not going to take it anymore" genre.

  • 9. Via Cheez-Whiz

    Via Cheez-Whiz

    A few years ago, the police were called on a Seattle man who arrived at his convenience store job drunk and quit by writing "I Quit" on the window in Cheez Whiz.