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10 Of The Most Unconventionally Awesome Jobs

The ol' nine-to-five got you down? Why not consider one of these exciting new career paths? Expect the unexpected and embrace the bold taste of Wild Turkey bourbon. Bottled, but #NEVERTAMED.

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1. Venom Milker


What they do: An integral part in the production of antivenoms, snake milkers spend their nine-to-five extracting venom from the world's deadliest reptiles at zoos, serpentariums, and research labs.

2. Fantasy Broker


What they do: Fantasy brokers make stuff happen — so long as someone's around to fit the (substantial) bill. Say an uber-powerful businesswoman wants to become a fighter pilot for a day, or an elite CEO wants to rent out an amusement park. That's where the fantasy broker steps in, keys to an F-16 in one hand and to Six Flags in the other.

3. Tower Climber

China Photos / Getty Images

What they do: The most fearless daily grinders you've never heard of, it's up to tower climbers to install and service those sky-piercing cell towers that dot the nation's landscape. Next time you check your Instagram and enjoy that sweet, sweet 4G, give a skyward nod of thanks.

4. Roller Coaster Designer


What they do: The "fun uncle" to the traditional architect, roller coaster designers do exactly that: blueprint and build death-defying amusement park attractions that terrify and exhilarate even the most hardened of thrill seekers.

5. Fire Scientist

Scott Campbell / Getty Images

What they do: If it pertains to flames, you find yourself a fire scientist. These ember-oriented researchers do everything from staging small-scale bushfires to simulating potential disasters to finding ways to better flameproof items that we use in our day-to-day lives.

6. Storm Chaser

Travis Heying/Wichita Eagle / MCT via Getty Images

What they do: There are two things you can do when you hear a big storm's-a-comin': 1) Hole up inside with some hot cocoa and wait for it to blow over, or 2) Get up close and personal, snapping HD photos and shooting video while daring nature at its most volatile. Our hats are off to you, storm chasers.

7. Fake Blood Artist

WILL OLIVER/AFP / Getty Images

What they do: Casual Friday probably counts for a lot less if the rest of the week is spent smothered in red goo, but how much fun would it be to pass your days smearing faux-mutilated movie stars with fake gore? Special effects artists answer the call of "I need blood" with two questions: "How much?" and "How thick?"

8. Crocodile Wrestler


What they do: Every time you make the ol' "my office is a zoo" analogy, take a minute to think of the crocodile wrestler, who earns their bread and butter by — you guessed it — training and taming some of nature's fiercest killing machines.

10. Shark Repellent Researcher

Michael Scholl / Barcroft Media / Getty Images

What they do: What makes a shark turn tail and swim away? Pheromones? Magnets? Really rude manners? Shark repellent researchers experiment with chemistry, gadgetry, and various other ways to ward off the water's most dangerous predators.