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15 Wild Places In America That Will Make You Say, "I Want To Go To There"

These places are wild, breathtaking, and under serious risk of being ruined by drilling. Check out the Too Wild To Drill list to learn what you can do to protect these unique places.

1. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

2. Paradise Valley, Montana

3. Northern Red Desert, Wyoming

4. Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota

5. Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

6. Green River Valley, Washington

7. Mojave Trails National Monument, California

8. The Appalachian Trail, Virginia

9. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah

10. Badger-Two Medicine, Montana

11. North Fork Gunnison River, Colorado

12. Owyhee Desert Sagebrush, Nevada

13. Wayne National Forest, Ohio

14. Greater Grand Canyon Watershed, Arizona

15. Chihuahuan Desert Rivers, New Mexico

These are some of America's best wild spaces, and they're under threat of being mined and drilled into oblivion. Read the Too Wild To Drill list to learn more, then use the tool below to call your legislators to protect these unique, wild lands.